Gospel through music

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 9, 2016


How it works

The session takes approximately 3.5hrs. During this time we lay out a Biblical framework for music, letting God’s word inform us in how we are to think about music in our lives. We then move onto applying this to thinking practically about what we do with music and how this works in a church context. Next we run through some practical issues such as choosing songs, arranging songs and understanding the role that each instrument has within the overall sound. Following this we then spend time playing together and arranging songs and creating a sound that fits the context of the church.


  • 1pm - Intro/Singing
  • 1:15pm - Session 1: what the bible says about music
  • 2pm - Session 2: Thinking about music in church
  • 2.45pm - Session3: how to play together
  • 3:30pm - Session 4: band practice
  • 4:30pm - Finish
  • 5pm - Church

About Angus

Angus Gibb is married to Stephanie and they have a son Eamon (2yrs). He is passionate about training and equipping God’s church in how they think and do music. He has had 8 years experience of leading music teams in a few different churches as well as organising music for a number of Christian conferences in Tasmania. This past year he has spent time training music teams throughout Sydney and NSW. If he’s not playing guitar, he’s usually having a coffee, hanging out with his family or chatting with people about how Jesus changes our world.