What to expect


Soul Church is a family of believers who are serious about Jesus. We’re serious about his claims as Lord and Saviour; we’re serious about His Word; and we’re serious about the mission he has given us. Click here to learn more about what we do.

How do we worship
We’re serious about Jesus; but not so much about tradition. We’ve stripped back our service to the things that really matter.

We spend some time singing as a church - which is our way of praising God and rejoicing in all that he’s done for us. We pray, hear God’s word read out and listen to a message about Jesus. For those of us who believe in Jesus, we also share in a small meal of bread and wine called communion. There might also be a few others things like a testimony, an interview or an announcement. We finish it all with a free hearty dinner.

At SOUL Church our purpose is to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the people of Hobart. We aim to grow as a congregation in our love for God and our love for another, through repentance, prayer, kindness and knowledge. Our vision for the congregation is to glorify God with our minds and our lives and to promote the gospel of God in the city of Hobart.